14 Top Sci-Fi Designs to Inspire Your Next Interface

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Interface design has been around for more than 50 years.

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The first ever GUI was designed for the NLS computer collaboration system in late 1968. Since then the hardware has gotten more and more advanced, allowing us to make GUIs as awesome as they are today, or will be someday…

Do you remember this scene from the Matrix?

Or the terrific interfaces Tony Stark manipulates with his bare hands…

But even in the 60s and 70s people were dreaming of interfaces like those we have today, and they found their place in sci-fi movies like in “2001: A Space Odyssey” released in 1968.

Sci-fi movies are known to be a sort of a window into the future. Many of the fantastical technologies filmed only decades ago are already available, and can be found in our pockets or on our wrists.

Computer interfaces in sci-fi movies can be real masterpieces. Let’s look at some movies, and I’ll show you examples of interfaces you can use as an inspiration while designing another dashboard or website template.

Let’s begin.


The first on my list is the design studio BLIND.

They’re known to be one of world’s top creative design studios with extensive expertise in UI design. They’ve created interfaces for movies that all of us have seen. Check them out:

Justice League

“People are so slow…” — I wonder how many years will pass until we get interfaces resembling these?

The Dark Knight Rises

When you’re a billionaire you can afford to have your own UX department, can’t you?

The Fifth Estate

Perhaps we’ll take a page from the typical hacker’s desktop in the future.

The Dark Knight

When you’re hunting criminals and are feeling tense 24/7, a green, soothing color scheme should definitely help you.


Even though the game Doom 4 was released almost 12 years after this movie, the interfaces look like the ones you can see in this movie.

Rogue One

The iconic interfaces in the Star Wars saga were really minimal. Maybe George Lucas was right and minimal interfaces are the future?

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